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I'm looking for you;

I know you've been looking for me.

26 November 1983
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Do you know where you have been or possibly where you're heading?
Do you know your direction or even remotely your standing?
I'm the tree you pass in an endless forest, and I've seen you walk past many times
I'm just a tree in a forest of trees, nothing in particular stands out about me
So I know that once again I'll be overlooked and passed by while you worry and fret
About the life you left behind, the people you have yet to meet
If only you knew that my topmost branches stir the mighty heavens
Or that my roots run deep and widespred, stable and sure
Than perhaps you would see the age of time that wrinkles my bark
Or the surrounding life which has embraced me and my choice to endure
But I know it is hard for a tree is born without eyes, ears, or a face
And with a fast glance or a simple gander a tree can seem pretty commonplace
But I have seen much of rain, and sunshine, and splendor upon this soil
And I, the oldest, know how far and where each of my seeds has spread
So perhaps if you chose to ask, I could tell you what my forest has
It only takes a willing heart, a compassionate ear, and my story is easily won
My story started in another age and holds much wisdom for you who has begun
For there is much wisdom in life besides worry and fret, if only minds would open
So keep circling brave soul! If nothing else I will watch your tale,
I will record the light of you in memory, genuinely feel sorrow if you fail
Because trees are overlooked all the time since we have no mouths or voice
You do not know there's someone here to question, you don't know you have a choice
But I will watch you as you live, comfort in kindness if I may
There's always sunshine on the horizon, always a dawning to another day
And should there be a sunset that looks to be your last
I'll hold on to your memory and to my life secure it fast
Because you weren't born a tree to twist and grow in light and rain
You were born with flesh and a pulsing heart that beats with love and pain
Never were you forced to sit, never did the world hold you still
So how could you have known that kindness and hope was but a matter of will?